Nonwovens – Lutrasil and Fibertex also known as Spunbond or Spinnvlies.

• Material – 100 % polypropylene
• Weight 15 g/m2 – 100 g/m2
• Width 2 cm – 240 cm

Furniture industry and mattresses:
• Back or bottom of upholstered furniture,
• reinforcement seams, for mattresses,
• low weight used as a slide separation between inner and outer part,
• part of the construction of mattresses,
• Disposable bed linen, pillow-case and duvet cover.

Sanitary and medical materials:
• disposable medical mask,
• disposable medical cap,
• disposable medical gown,
• disposable protective shoe cover.

• carpets, seats,
• lining of the trunk, bonnet insulation.

• fasten early and late spring vegetation,
• protect plants against pests and unfavorable weather conditions,
• cope with weeds by covering the soil,
• protect greenhouses from the sun.

• Separation, protection, or filter layer for various types of building structures,
• construction of roofs,
• flat and green roofs,
• in the construction of green buildings and drainage,
• in the construction of road and railway embankments, ensuring slopes, tunneling and drainage systems,
• in the construction of reservoirs, canals and ponds, the provision of dams and banks, construction and environmental engineering.